Aberdeen Branch


Vikki Carpenter
Email: aberdeen@youngheart.info


A very warm welcome to the home page for the Aberdeen branch of The Scottish Association of Children with Heart Disorders. We may be a small group of people who meet up, but we are huge on supporting others, having fun and making friendships.

Every child with CHD is different but as a parent our experiences are similar, and we try to offer advice and support to parents locally who have a child /children with a heart disorder. We understand the many difficulties that can be encountered and we are available to offer advice and support at any time; over the phone or at a meeting on a one to one basis.

New members are always welcome.. And you don't have to have a child with a heart disorder! We have many people in our branch in Aberdeen who became involved through kindness and knowing someone else who has a CHD child. We can help source information on things from finding the right travel insurance for your family, to information on travel and accommodation whilst your child attends Yorkhill. If we don't know I am sure we know someone who does. so just contact us and ask. we are only a call or email away.

Aberdeen&shire branch fizzled out a few years ago due to members/familes growing older and not needing the support anymore.. and no one wanted to take on the mantle..

and then

I moved up to Pitmedden and decided to try to re-establish the branch up here. I had received great support and made woderful friends through SACHD in Fife and central belt.

The other branches in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Montrose etc are amazing and do great work. I want that for up here.. we all know how hard it is being so far north when you need specialist care for your child... and being with, and having contact with, other families who have been through what you and your family have been through is just amazing.

Over the past couple of years I have been doing some basic setting up and establishing contacts, as well as fundraising.

We now have a rising profile and a 'little pocket of pennies' just for Aberdeen&shire.. this will help me (and you) take this branch of SACHD up to the next level and get a real support group up and running...

SACHD have a huge role in the development of Cardiac care and provision in Scotland. I recently gave a presentation (as a mum and a member of SACHD) to NHS and various stakeholders who are looking into what improvements are required to make cardiac care better THROUGHOUT Scotland. We need better continuity of care, from the Yorkhill Specialist centre out to all other regions where cardiac kids live. The more profile we have up here... them more we can influence and make things happen

By being a member of SACHD you will get a voice and help influence change for the better!

We will have regular meetings, over coffee, to meet, chat, be there for each other and share info, knowledge and ideas.

Your heart child and siblings can get the opportunity to meet others like them, scars like them, abilities like them, experiences like them... and this for me personally is vital as my litle girl is really starting to question and struggle with why she is like she is... and I dont always understand or have the answers...


I am in talks with NHS/ARI out patients to go into and be a presence at their cardiac clinics to talk to families, let them know of the charity and of the support out there.

We can find answers to your questions, help you access information and the care you need.... and so much more...

We will have trips out to Theatre, Christmas/Easter/Summer parties.. we can do anything!!! What do you want from a support group?

SACHD have a three bedroom static caravan at Faskally campsite which is subsidised so heart families can have access to cheaper holidays.

We have a family weekend in Pitlochry (a few rooms still available if ya want to come) 17th - 19th May


So... are you interested in being a member of the Aberdeen branch of SACHD?

PLEASE forward this on to anyone you know in this area that might be intersted... lets spread the word!!

Come and join us.....Its free, fun and PRICELESS...

I really look forward to hearing from you.. send me a message... tell me about yourself and your family... tell me what you would like from the branch..



Vikki x